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Critical Incident Stress Management
and Post Event Counselling

Following a major incident, accident or trauma, individuals and institution in which they work are likely to experience a deviation from what might be termed ‘normal functioning’. Critical incidents may produce a wide range of stress symptoms, which may appear immediately at the scene, a few hours later or within days of the incident.

Symptoms include Poor concentration, poor attention span, slowed problem solving, memory problems, difficulty making decisions and difficulties with calculations, depression, aggression, grief, anxiety, fear, stomach upset, headaches, chest pain, difficulty breathing and high blood pressure, Excessive silence, unusual behaviours, isolation, sleep disturbances, changes in eating habits and changes in work habits.

Individuals experience these symptoms at different levels the result is a significantly impaired organisation and individuals. CISM views these symptoms as normal reactions of normal people to an abnormal situation.
Our CISM activity aims to moderate the impact of Critical Incident Stress and to speed up the return to the pre-incident phase.

This 2 day counselling course is primarily aimed at managers of people. The course is designed to help develop a better understanding of what counselling is. The client will develop some practical counselling skills which will be useful within the context of critical incident management and post event crisis.


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