Society of Security Practitioners of Nigeria
  International Professional Security Association

Optimum Strategies Limited has been established as a skills and standards setting body for the corporate and security business sector.

Human and material resources can be a company's greatest asset, they can also be the company's greatest risk. Theft of property, fraud, subterfuge and commercial intelligence gathering are common problems. Crimes, such as kidnap and ransom, assualt, blackmail, harassment, work place violence etc are also widespread posing a serious risk to the operational efficiency, stability and morale of corporations.

It is essential that individuals working in security related industry undergo a structured training programme that results in a recognized qualification. We believe that this will result in a more competent and professional workforce.

Our highly trained workforce has the expertise and a broad wealth of experience to meet the specific needs of the client. Our trainers possess qualifications that are highly sort for in the security industry.

These include experts from the corporate sectors, the Ministry of Defence and the New Scotland Yard.


Our mission is to bring to the corporate and security industry, the knowledge, skills and expertise needed by their personnel to effectively and efficiently execute their duties.
To ensure intelligence led security in order to enhance a safe and progressive community.
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